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Eji's Rant - Time to for Ms. Furious to blow off some steam.
Beware: This section may contain obscenities and insults to certain moronic individuals. >=)
This week's rant:
Copyrights and Thievery
    Ok, I'm pissed off at the not-so-recent rash of people's confusion over what exactly is protected by copyrights.  Certain stupid individuals have challenged my rights of ownership of much of the material on this site, and yet people go and steal it to use for their own purposes.  My biggest nemesis is the infamous "copycat" site, never creating something themselves, but instead being lazy and making a crap site full of stolen materials from pages where people have worked hard (like myself) to make worthwhile, unique sites.  A good example of this is the Pokemon Capital (whose site I won't even link you to, because I don't want to increase its counter) which directly linked to all of my movie clips, even after I requested them to take them down!!!!  Because of this, I'm forced to take more drastic measures to make it harder for morons to steal from me.
To people that steal and still go around telling people the uselessness of copyrights:
    You are such hypocrites!!  You say that people shouldn't have the right to call material that they took (which is already copyrighted) as their own, but then you turn around and take that to use in your own sites!  Doing such a thing just proves your own unoriginality.  It would be one thing if you had a site full of things you had made or compiled yourself, but no.   I always get emails from lazy people asking (and sometimes demanding) that they use my site's stuff.  And people patronize me, thinking I must be "some high school student, or maybe younger."  Well, I'm a goddamn college student, people, so take your smart-ass, patronizing mouths elsewhere, because I'm not some wimpy ten year old that will go cry to my mommy when I get your retarded letter about copyright b.s.   I'm so fed up with it that I only have one answer for anyone who ever asks me again: I'M NOT ALLOWING ANY SITE TO USE MY MATERIALS, SO DON'T BOTHER ASKING.  PERIOD.   Then, this is the part where people go "well, pokemon is copyrighted... you don't have the right to say that."  My basic reaction is "I really don't give a **** whether you think I do or not.  You say this now, but I know you wouldn't be talking this way if someone had stolen something important off of your site."  And if you people are such sticklers for laws and regulations, then why the hell would you even be asking for these things from my site in the first place?!?! You'll get yours, though.  When you see something you actually made for your own website on someone else's page, I'll be there to laugh in your ignorant face.

And people, don't come emailing me, asking "are you talking about me?" because you know if I'm talking about you or not.  And if you don't, then I have nothing to say to you.