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Brock Look-Alikes
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..."
Yes, that's right.  Have you ever come across a character in another cartoon that bears an oh-so-eerie resemblance to the almighty squinty-eyed one? ^_^  Well, if you haven't, there have been quite a few others who have.  Because of the nice amount of emails about this, I have made this Brock look-alike page!  Check out each of the "Brock-wannabe contestants" to decide for yourself which one really does look like the Pewter City gym leader himself!  More stuff will be added as it is available.

Current number of contestants-- 7

Contestant #1-

Brock- er, I mean, Fujisawa!  ^_^;


Full Name: Masamichi Fujisawa
Appears in: El Hazard
Hobby(ies): Mountain climbing, teaching, drinking, and smoking
Character Description: Mr. Masamichi Fujisawa is a teacher at Shinanome High School in Japan, when, one day, he is whisked off to the mystical world of El Hazard, along with some of his students.  Humans on the planet gain new, incredible abilities, and Fujisawa's newfound ability is superhuman strength and speed!   The only catch?  Well, these powers are only in effect when he's sober, which is a MAJOR problem for the happy alcoholic.  When he's away from the booze, he's super-strong, and if he doesn't smoke either, he becomes "hyper Fujisawa," which is a huge magnification of his already-amazing power.  Out of all the humans on El Hazard, Fujisawa is easily the most powerful (and the coolest ^_^)!
My opinion:


WOW!  When I heard about this guy, I went out and bought the whole El Hazard series!  Not only does this guy look like Brock, but he's got the eye and hair thing down perfectly, and he's cute too!  This guy's a winner (in my book) for the "Brock dead ringer" award. ^_^

Look! Even his SD form looks like Brock!  YAY Fuji-kun!

(Click on the thumbnails)

Fuji shows his power!    Aw, he's happy!    Happy still?    Before, or after a drink?    Now, who ELSE that we all know does a pose like this? ^_~     tiny_fujinmiz.JPG (7043 bytes)


Contestant #2-

Yes, Trent is on the RIGHT, NOT the left... silly!


Full Name: Trent Lane
Appears in: Daria
Hobby(ies): Playing the guitar, sleeping, and eating
Character Description: Trent's a good guy, just not all that... active.  He sleeps 'til at least noon, but when he is awake, he practices the guitar, since he's the lead guitarist and singer for his band, Mystik Spiral.  He's a rebel, considering that he hates authority and never went to college, but he's not evil, and he's never had a criminal record (thank god!).  Also, more importantly, he's Daria's crush, as well as her main target of interest.  A bit on the slow side when it comes to matters of Daria's affection, Trent is good friends with her, introducing her to all of his friends as "the coolest high schooler I know."  He has a kind demeanor, and his intentions, though sometimes a bit off, are always in the best place.  The embodiment of the soft-spoken, tall, dark, and handsome man, Trent is (almost) every (female) Daria-watcher's dream.
My opinion:

My chibi-Trent

Until Fujisawa popped up, I thought that Trent was a close match for Brock (check out my Brock and Trent page for more info), since they both do have that "look" to them.  He's still a very close second, but I must admit that Fuji's winning my own personal vote right now! ^_^   Don't worry, I still like you, Trent!!

He looks like he could at least be related to Brock, right?

(Click on the thumbnails)

Talking to Daria    Trent     Play that guitar!    Trent's Yearbook photo    Valentine Trent


Contestant #3-

Bruno -- the steroided Brock


Full Name: Bruno ?
Appears in: Pokemon/Pocket Monsters
Hobby(ies): Raising Pokemon, being an Elite Four member
Character Description: If you've ever played the gameboy game through to the end, you already know who he is.  Bruno is a member of the Elite Four, a "gang" of sorts that Ash will have to face after defeating all of the Gym Leaders.  He's very knowledgable about pokemon, is surprisingly kindhearted, and saves the traveling group from danger.
My opinion: Oh my god!!  The first thought that ran through my head when I saw him was "are they related?"   Bruno's appearance is more than a little surprising, since he resembles a Brock on heavy steroids.  Unfortunately, that's only when his eyes are shut.  Open them up, and he looks... well, odd.  o_O  His face is also more "squashed" looking than Brock's.


Contestant #4-

Koji -- the College Brock


Full Name: Koji ? (do extras ever really HAVE last names?)
Appears in: Please Save My Earth
Hobby(ies): Student
Character Description: This guy is the definition of the term "extra."  He only appears in the OVA series for about 2 minutes.   Literally.  He is the student friend of Mr. Tamura, and plays the tiniest of parts, simply telephoning Mr. Tamura to tell him about where Tamura's master Takashi is headed.
My opinion: If Brock was in college, this would be him, for SURE.  This guy looks so much like an older Brock that it's scary.   Too bad they didn't show him longer! ^_^;  Even his voice sounds like an aged Brock!

(Click on the thumbnails)

Koji Closeup    On the phone     Leaving phonebooth


Contestant #5-



Full Name: Yakumo Fujii
Appears in: 3 x 3 Eyes
Hobby(ies): Student, fighting
Character Description: The unwitting hero of the series, Yakumo is an ordinary Japanese schoolkid until Pai (the 3-eyed girl for whom the show is named) comes into his life. Killed by Pai's pet, she saves him by stealing his soul and giving him immortality through the sign of the "wu."  With the symbol emblazoned on his forehead, he is thrown headfirst into the world of mysticism that Pai brings with her. He is protective, macho and, when around his friends, happy. He feels an increasingly large distance between himself and those he knew before due to his new experiences and immortality.  Apparently, his inability to die causes a lot of monsters to brutally massacre him at first, until he learns to fight better later on.
My opinion: Although I haven't seen 3x3 Eyes, he certainly has all the physical characteristics needed to be an official Look-Alike!


Contestant #6-



Full Name: Noel Chandler
Appears in: Star Ocean: Second Story
Hobby(ies): studying animals?
Character Description: Noel is a "Nedian" in the rpg PSX video game Star Ocean: Second Story.  From descriptions, he seems to be one of those "a little bit of everything" types of characters.
My opinion: I don't have this game, but when I saw the game art, I knew he had to be in here.  He looks like a cross between Brock and Link with those ears. ^_^;


Contestant #7-



Full Name: Chad / Yuuichirou (japanese)
Appears in: Sailor Moon
Hobby(ies): helping at Rei's temple, music, doting after Rei
Character Description: Chad's a down-on-his-luck musician who came to Rei's temple after his failure as a singer with stage-fright.  Almost immediately he was overcome with Rei and dedicated himself to becoming the best temple assistant a man could be.  Nevermind the fact that Chad's klutsy, over-eager, and desperate for Rei's affections-- he's a pure kinda guy whose honest heart is just bursting with love to give.  Even more interesting is that he chooses to work a simple life at the temple, near his love, rather than rely on his parents, who are quite wealthy.
My opinion: Well, to be honest, Chad would fare better as a Fujisawa look-alike, but since Fuji-kun looks like Brock, it still works. ^_^  The wild brown hair and unseen eyes work to his advantage as a contestant (plus the fact that I really like him), but even more applicable is his personality.   Chad's excitability and devotion to the woman he loves VERY closely matches that of Brock's personality, and would easily pass as a mid-twenties Brock (if Brock ever grew out his hair and tried his luck in the music industry ^_^; ).


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Coming soon... the open-eyed "runners up"!

Have you seen someone else that looks like Brock?
If so, email me and I'll put it up among these guys!