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Mr. Fujisawa Mr. Fujisawa
Height: 6'3"
Age: 31
Weight: 140 lbs.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Theme: Kung-Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas (chorus part only!!!)
Background: Mr. Masamichi Fujisawa was originally a history teacher at Shinanome High.  Unfortunately, he's also an alcoholic and a chain smoker.  This fact usually caused students to taunt and tease him mercilessly.  He admitted sadly that he was indeed a weak and pathetic person.   Then, one evening, he and some of his students were mysteriously whisked away to the land of El Hazard, sort of like a parallel dimension to ours.  There, he gained superhuman strength and abilities... but they came at a price, since they could only be in effect if he was sober.  His turn-around, however, into a super-hero of sorts, made him realize that maybe he wasn't a loser after all, and really could help the people who were important in his life.
Advantages:  He's kind, good-natured, and very protective about those that he cares about.  He loves (and is dedicated to) his job and tries his best to teach his students well.  (Also, the fact that he's superhuman in strength ain't too bad either! ^_^)  He is also chivalrous and a true defender of justice.
Disadvantages: The main problem is Mr. Fujisawa's addiction to alcohol and smoking.  These two things seriously hinder his special abilities, sometimes causing him to be unable to help those that need it most.
Battle Aura:
~in pokemon battles~ none (since he has no pokemon!) 
~in general~ amazingly strong.  His aura is actually visible when he becomes "Hyper Fujisawa"! (when he doesn't smoke or drink)
Battle Tactics: Offensive
Secrets and Spoilers: (highlight white text below to read)
You may or may not have noticed from his image, but Mr. Fujisawa is really Brock's uncle!!  He's Brock's uncle from his father's side, and Brock's favorite relative.  Brock mentions him frequently when he tells friends about his family members other than his siblings and father.

"Teacher.   Firmly established and highly regarded at Shinanome High School."

"Hyper Fujisawa Kiiiiiiiiiiiiick!"