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Fanfic Character Index

If this is your first time here, read all of this before continuing!!!

Welcome to my fan fiction index!  Here, you can get info and background details on any of your favorite characters in my stories.  Some of these characters may or may not have appeared in my available stories yet, but they will (or they should, anyway).  There are spoilers in some sections, where you'll have to highlight the white text in order to read it.  Hopefully, this area will help clue you in to each person's true personality and role in my fanfics.

Each person has their story and statistics divided into sections.   Here are the types of sections and what they mean:
Height, Age, and Weight: I think these are pretty obvious.
Astrological Sign: Hey baby, what's your sign? Each character's sign is important, and defines their actions and personalities.  Also, it determines who is most compatible with them.
Theme: This is a real song that describes the person or relates to him/her in some way.  Click on the name of the person's theme to read lyrics and analysis.
Advantages: Positive qualities about the person
Disadvantages: Negative qualities about the person
Battle Aura: This indicates the power of the person's spirit during battle
Battle Tactics: Whether the person is Defensive, Offensive, or a Mix when they fight in a pokemon battle.
Background: A bit of non-spoiler information on the character themselves.
Secrets and Spoilers: This section has all the juicy secret details on the character.  If the character hasn't yet appeared in a story yet, you may not want to read it, because it'll spoil your reading experience!!!  Remember, these are spoilers, so it may reveal some things that you may or may not want to know, so read it at your own risk!!!

T H E   C H A R A C T E R S

Clint Jakob
Brock Mr. Fujisawa
Lana James
Ash Misty