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The Many Faces of Brock

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Brock-O-Rama is part of the Pokemon section of the Anime Turnpike!
Brock-O-Rama was featured in the "Last Stop Before Toll" section of the Anime Turnpike for the month of March '99!!!

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Winner of the #2 top Pokemon site on the NET!
Winner of the #2 top Pokemon site on the NET!

8/1/99 UPDATE!- There's more Ask Brock questions answered today, plus new What If pics too!  Also, I'm in the process of formatting all the movies into WinZip format.  I'll write more about it when it's finished!

Derek Rumpler, the Official Eric Stuart Fanclub President at told me that is releasing a new MP3 and MP3 player of Eric Stuart's music for fans to download and to promote his music. Be sure to check it out!
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Ask Brock!
Brock answers your questions! ^_^
Takeshi A new section created that is totally focused on Takeshi, the japanese Brock!  See movie clips, hear music, and check up on some rare info!
Brock E-Cards E-Cards are the newest way to send a net buddy greetings.  Now, you can send them in style, with Brock designs!
Brock Goods Find out what Brock merchandise is available, and how to buy it!
New items, advice, and stores! A must see!
The funniest Brock stuff ever! Full of Brock craziness!  Check out the "what if?" section, test your self to see if you like Brock too much, and see how he's related to Trent from MTV's Daria!

newicon.gif (1837 bytes) New What If image!

the finest Brock art available Look at the best Brock art on the net!

newicon.gif (1837 bytes) New images!

Info on the Gym Leader himself! Learn about Brock for the first time! Or, learn stuff you may not have known. Info about the Pewter City Gym Hero, as well as his American Seiyuu (voice actor), Eric Stuart!
Brock Pictures
The LARGEST Brock screencapture picture archive in existence.  Some cute pics of the often-overlooked Pokemon hero!
See Brock in all his movie, er... glory AVI's and animated GIFs of some of Brock's funniest moments.
Doesn't Brock say the silliest things? The sounds page is evolving nicely, with some original sounds and funny quotes.
Brock Fan Fiction stories! Right now, we have two fan fiction stories to choose from, each one written by me!  But I'm very certain that you'll like them!
About me! Some info on your friendly, neighborhood, Pewter City fanatic!
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"I really don't want to hurt your Pokemon..." -Brock

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